Children’s Medical Mission of Haiti

Boys presenting
Boys presenting at the mic

Blind girl led up to the podium
A blind girl is led up to the podium

Sadoni at podium
Sadoni at the podium

3 girls together and happy
3 girls together and happy

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St. Vincent’s Shapes a Vision for the Future

One of the most significant developments at St. Vincent’s during the past year has been the shaping of its vision. Not only will it serve the nearly 300 handicapped children who call St. Vincent’s school or home, it aspires to become a training center for the entire country – an advocate for including handicapped persons in all aspects of Haitian life.

Beyond those broad goals St. Vincent’s plans to rebuild it facilities better than ever, to establish a vocational school for deaf children, and to become one of Haiti’s premier centers for prosthetics and physical therapy.

These ambitious goals have been laid out by Pere Sadoni Leon, Director of the Centre, with support from a growing number of organizations that have stepped up to help since the earthquake in January 2010.

Scenes from the December 2012 celebration at St. Vincent are of the International Day of Recognition of Handicapped Persons.

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Recent Developments at St. Vincent’s

Final Concept Drawings Completed for Rebuilding St. Vincent’s

Haiti Connection 2013 Scheduled for April 10-12, 2013 in Port-au-Prince

HC2013 will focus on the new Haiti -- Haiti’s potential as a developing nation; new models for partnering; and new visions for Diocesan Programs and Institutions. Click here for more information, to register and reserve hotel rooms.

“An expression of Christian love for the people of Haiti, especially the children, through the hospitals, schools, and health centers in the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti.”

The Children’s Medical Mission of Haiti is a 501c 3 organization committed to providing support for the delivery of medical and educational services to the people of Haiti through St. Vincent’s Centre for Handicapped Children, Port-au-Prince, and Hopital Ste. Croix, Leogone.

It also serves as an umbrella organization for related missions in Haiti and facilitates and organizes the Haiti Connection Conferences.

Its goal is to strengthen each of the institutions through regular contributions to annual operating budgets as well as to endowment funds for long-term stability.

For more information on helping or donating to CMMH please CLICK HERE.

CMMH collaborates with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, which owns and operates St. Vincent’s and Hopital Ste. Croix. It also works closely with The Friends of St. Vincent’s, located in Hartford, CT.

Two organizations that began under the umbrella of CMMH, which are all now separate 501c 3 organizations, are the Children’s Nutrition Program located in Leogone, and the Maison de Naissance, a birthing center in Torback.